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Ultimate Guest Blogger has made it easy to submit guest posts to many websites through one simple, intuitive interface. In this article, we will look at the typical pain-staking process of submitting a guest post and how Ultimate Guest Blogger overcomes these challenges and truly differentiates itself as the best guest blogging tool on the market.

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The Life of a Typical Guest Blogger

When people hear of a web marketing strategy that works, they often jump in head first eager to implement these new techniques to increase their online profile and attract more visitors to their website. After taking the plunge, many promising guest posters end up looking like the man below, a typical guest blogger, exhausted, confused, and ready to give up.

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Why do typical guest bloggers end up looking so defeated?

The answer is that submitting guest posts like a typical guest blogger does takes a level of time and effort that does not justify the rewards.

Let’s take a look at the efforts of a traditional guest poster.  He or she takes the time to write a great post on a topic which they know a lot about.  They then visit websites that allow guest posting and, through several email exchanges, they find that either nobody wants an article on that topic or that they want it written in a different way.

After a week of getting nowhere with the original article, our traditional guest poster decides to start over by sending a note to website owners with a summary of an article that he/she would like to write for their website.  Most of them respond…We like your summary but we would need to see the full article to publish it.

So, this typical guest blogger is back to square one and now has to take the time to write the full article, which may or may not get published.  He/she then writes and sends the full article off to several websites that allow guest posting.  Each of them wants to know that the article is unique and will only be published on their site.  Our guest blogger responds to each, “I have submitted the article to several websites and the first one to publish it will have a unique article.”

Because the typical guest blogger sent the article to other sites, each guest host rejects his article as not unique.

You get the idea?  With traditional guest posting techniques, it can literally take weeks to get one article (and one link back to your site) published.  The result?

The typical guest blogger throws his/her head down in exhaustion, fatigue, and defeat. 

The Life of An Ultimate Guest Blogger

Ultimate Guest Blogger is guest blogging made easy!

The life of an Ultimate Guest Blogger consists of one thing:  writing great content!  All of the other hassles of the traditional guest blogging are taken care of by the Ultimate Guest Blogger system.

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You do not need to pitch your article to the guest blog host.  You do not need to submit endless emails to people who may host your content.  You do not need to do endless revisions to suit the particular tastes of the website owner.  You do not need to hang your head in exhaustion, fatigue, and defeat.

You simply need to write amazing content and publish it via our simple to use interface.  Realizing our premise and agreement of great content, most of our blog owners accept your content and automatically publish it.  If a blog owner does not have publish immediately set, they will respond quickly, either publishing your article or letting your know that you can publish it elsewhere.

It’s how guest blogging was meant to be and it’s the Ultimate Guest Blogging solution!

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