Building Quality Inbound Links: Are You Wasting Your Time With Bad Practices?

Building inbound links to your website used to be a game of numbers: The more links you build the better. This is no longer the case. In fact, a high number of inbound links from marginal sites can actually hurt you! In this article, we will look at building quality inbound links through Guest Blogging on high quality websites.

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Building Quality Inbound Links:  It’s No Longer a Game of Numbers

Just one year ago, the art of creating inbound links consisted of building a large number of links with lots of keyword anchor text back to your site.  Sure, the ideal link would come  from a site that is a true authority, like CNN or Mashable, but the sheer number of inbound links was also seen as beneficial.

One strategy that many companies used was article directories.  Aside from getting an article published on these sites,with the desired anchor text, the goal with this practice was the proliferation of this content to many other sites who would re-publish this article.  Though the search engines implied that this would not be beneficial, it was.  If your one article on eZine articles got syndicated or copied to more than 1,000 other sites, which was often the case, you benefited greatly and would notice a rise in your search engine results.
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Now, this strategy which once worked no longer does.  In fact, as many have seen, this strategy can now hurt you.  For years, the search engines have said that no inbound link will hurt you.  It might not count, but it certainly won’t count against you.

The reasoning behind this is simple:  If “bad links” to your site counted against you, it would be easy for competitors to destroy you simply by creating a sufficient number of bad inbound links.

Well, guess what?  Bad links now do count against you.  If you have too many inbound links from shady sources (like all of these scraper sites), or lots of the same inbound anchor text, you will be penalized.

Ironically, people are still employing this strategy and some even pay SEO companies for it.  They are actually paying to be harmed.

For companies and individuals that want to have long term success, it is time focus on quality inbound links and forego these bad inbound links practices that do not work.

Building Quality Inbound Links

When you think of building quality inbound links to promote your online content, you need to think of the goal of every search engine and the original idea of the value of an inbound link.

The goal with search engines is to provide visitors with the best results based on keyword queries.  That is how they make money.  Over time, the search engines embraced this idea of sites vouching for each other.  If one site vouches for another, that site must be good.  Well, the manipulators would then just create new sites and point them back to their original site, the one that they want to rise in the search results.

In order to thwart the manipulators, search engines now place a high value on the quality of an inbound link.  That is why inbound links from scrapers and syndicators now count for precious little and often count against you.

That is why, in 2012 and beyond, the best way to build quality inbound links is through guest blogging.  We’ll tell you why.

Building Quality Inbound Links Through Guest Blogging

Here at Ultimate Guest Blogger, one question that we are often asked is:  “Why does Guest Blogging work so well?

The answer becomes simple through a little analogy.  Let’s consider a single girl named Mary.  Mary is looking for a relationship with a great guy.  One Saturday night, she is presented with a date-choice.  She can go out with a guy named Bob who she met online and knows nothing about or she can go out with Robert, a man her married girlfriend recommended as an “absolutely incredible guy”.  Who will Mary choose?

Of course, Mary will choose Robert, because her friend vouches for him as an “absolutely incredible guy”.  Online Bob, on the other hand, is simply vouching for himself on his profile saying, “I’m a great guy; trust me!”

Mary’s case illustrates why Guest Blogging works so well.  With Guest Blogging, one legitimate site vouches for another site, which is then seen as more legitimate.  This was the original intention of the search engines!

Conclusion:  Start Guest Blogging Now!

If you have not yet done guest blogging, it’s time to begin.  Guest Blogging is the best way to enhance your online presence.  However, traditional guest blogging simply takes too much time.  (For more on this, read Guest Blogging: Overcome the Challenges And Become a Master Guest Blogger.)

You want to do guest blogging right and become an Ultimate Guest Blogger.  Visit our homepage to begin a free trial now!

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