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At Ultimate Guest Blogger, we have created an easy, free, and very powerful solution for accepting guest posts on your WordPress or Non-WordPress website or blog.

We have seen web administrators try to implement WordPress and other various Guest Posts plugins on their websites and heard nothing but complaints about the solutions.

So, we have decided to develop a quick and easy solution to allow guest posting on your website that takes 5 minutes to setup and is much more powerful than a traditional plugin. This solution has many advantages articulated below:

Advantages of Accepting Guest Posts with Ultimate Guest Blogger


  • Easy Installation: Takes About 5 Minutes.

  • Compatibility: Works with all blogs and websites, WordPress and Non-WordPress sites alike and easily co-exists with any existing guest blog solutions.

  • Vast Web Site Exposure: Users of Ultimate Guest Blogger will now see, visit, and provide content for your blog.

  • Social Media Promotion: We heavily promote our member sites and guest posts through many social media channels.

  • Fresh Content: With many guest posters now seeing your website, you will receive new, fresh, and free content for your blog.

  • Save Money: No need to hire “content writer” for your blog.

  • Win/Win: You get more content and guest posters enhance their profile.

  • It’s Free!


Ready to get started?

Simply visit our signup page and choose “Ultimate Guest Blogger – Blog Owner Free”.

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